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Scheduling SSIS packages to run in Azure

Migrating SSIS Packages in Azure can be a complex task. SSMS 18 comes with new features for helping us to start configuring SSIS packages to run in Azure.

SSMS 18 provides support for scheduling SSIS package, located in SSIS Catalog in Azure or File System, in Azure. There are three entries for launching the New Schedule dialog, New Schedule menu item is shown when right-clicking the SSIS package in SSIS Catalog in Azure, Schedule SSIS Package in Azure menu item under Migrate to Azure menu item under Tools menu item and “Schedule SSIS in Azure” shown

Migrate to Azure by using SSMS 18.x

The cases of migrating our database in Azure become more and more every day. Azure SQL Database is the flagship SaaS service Microsoft Provides for hosting a relational database. But no matter it is the same engine there are still many features not supported or with limited functionalities in Azure SQL DB comparing to on premises SQL Server versions

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