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My Speaking@ Calendar by the end of the year 2015 includes PASS SUMMIT !

It’s going to be a busy second half of the year in my calendar. I have been trying to be very restrictive in putting events there, just because I strongly believe that speaking at a technical event should be something special, deserving all my energy and at a place and audience that I love or would like to go. And because I am not targeting a speaker career only, I want to perform this part of my job with special attention and planning. I would like to give myself enough time between the events to not get exhausted. I would like to have enough energy to be able to give people something valuable.

Following that, I ended up with speaking at my favorite events – Oslo, Copenhagen, and Seattle. (See my new events calendar at the right). I am thinking about one more, but I will decide later if I am going to make it. I am not mentioning local events, they are something that I am not filtering at all, I do them all, it’s just “my audience at my place” think.

There are two “upgrades” in my career as a speaker, which I am very excited to get to.

I am starting to deliver a pre-conference workshops!

I have a full day pre-con in Oslo ( ) and a half day pre-con in Copenhagen ( ). SQL Saturday is a free one day event, full of technical content. The pre-conference workshops are the paid part of SQL Saturday, usually organized in the day before the event. The pre-con workshops are delivered by industry recognized speakers and experts, so the people are  attracted to pay for attending them.

SQL Saturday Copenhagen is very special for me not just because of that, but because it’s on my birthday! So I think I will be even more energized presenting there.

I like Scandinavian audience! And my sessions there just go well, I don’t know why and how, but when I speak in front of them I just do it with different energy, without hesitation or additional stress, it just happens, and I really enjoy a lot. No explanation, I just adore this part of the World, people, food, interior design and the nature, everything (probably except the weather sometimes). And probably this is something that I broadcast as part of my speaking there. I am very happy that I will start delivering pre-cons right there, in these countries.

I will speak about performance optimizations, not surprisingly, the topic, that I can speak hours, and still there will be something that I think I’ll miss to say. The challenge will be to fit into the time frame, and of course to make those hours valuable for the people.

I am speaking at PASS SUMMIT 2015!

The second but probably the biggest challenge to me as a speaker this year will be to speak at SQL PASS Summit. I am happy and honored to be selected as a speaker at the biggest SQL Server event of the year worldwide! It’s yet another goal, and a professional dream coming true.

PASS Summit is the world’s largest, most intensive conference for Microsoft SQL Server and BI professionals. With more than 5,000 registrants, PASS Summit is the most popular SQL Server event anywhere. Featuring the highest rated technical sessions delivered by world-class speakers and the best networking opportunities, PASS Summit is the perfect time to Connect, Share and Learn.

I feel very excited, deeply privileged to be part of the greatest speakers being selected to present their session in October. I will be talking about the top 8 reasons of your transaction performance problems

See you there!